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Professor Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Jalali
Is one of the eminent Islamic scholars of the country (Pakistan). He has been serving matchlessly in this field. Dr. Sahib is not only a renowned Khatib, Debater, authority on Fiqha, Mufti, but is also an affectionate teacher, Sheik-Ul-Tafseer & Hadith who has no match in this region. He got his doctorate degree from The university of Faisalabad and in his religious education , he learned from a lot of teachers specially Ustadul ULama Molana Nazir Ahmed Sahib and Molana Mufti Asghar Ali Rizvi well known as Badrul Fuqha. He is attached to roohani silssla Jalalia Naqshbandia Qadria Bhiki Sharif and got Faiz from Hazrat Sani Sahib Qibla (Peer Syed Mazhar Qayyum shah sahib)well   known as Hafiz ul Hadith.
Personal Information

Name : Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Jalali
Known as : Professor Dr. Mufti Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Jalali
Father's Name : Hafiz Jan Muhammad Jalali
Date of Birth:                                                   1oth November, 1979                                                                      Place of Birth:                                                   Nain Ranjha, Tehsil and Disst.Mandi Baha ud Din (Punjab, Pakistan)
Academic background
Hafiz-e-Quran and middle:
Dr.sahib Completed Naazra recitation/reading of the Holy Quran at his village from Molana Arif Sahib and Syed Zakir Hussain shah sahib and then got Hifz (learn by Heart the Holy Quran) of first three paras and some last suras from his father.At the same time he passed his middle class exams at his village school.His formal hifz education started when his father laid down a mosque in his land.
His formal hifz teacher is Qari Nazir Ahmad.
He got admission in Jamia Muhammadia Noria Bhiki sharif With the reference of Hafiz Muhammad Iqbal Sahib Khatib-e-azam Gojra and also learnt some asbaq from Qari Manzoor Ahmad Sahib.He completed his Darse nizami and got the degree from Tanzim-ul-madaris Ahlesunnat,Pakistan.
Spiritual attachment and roohani tarbiat:
During his dars e nizami at jamia bhiki sharif he attached to roohani silssla Jalalia Naqshbandia Qadria Bhiki Sharif and got Faiz from Hazrat Sani Sahib Qibla (Peer Syed Mazhar Qayyum shah sahib)well known as Hafiz ul Hadith.
Modern Education:
Along with his religious education he also got his Matric and F.A, from Rawalpindi board.He also passed Fazil e-Arabi from pindi board .
Master of Philosophy:
After Graduating from Allama Iqbal Open University he got registered inIslamic International University,Islamabad for his Mphil,degree and finally got succeedd in December 2003.His thesis topic was,Asar u saqafata tul Arabia fe Madahe Nabiwyyah tu urduia lil sheikh ahmad raza khan
He got his doctorate degree from The university of Faisalabad under the Supervision of renowned scholar Dr Za
hoor Ahmad Azhar.
Selection as Arabic teacher:
He got selected as Arabic lecturer in FPSC in 2005 and now serving as assistant professor in Islamabas college for boys G-6/3.
Religious services:
he served as khatib at Khan pur jamia masjid before completion of his doura e hadith from jamia bhiki sharif . during this time he has various debates with ulama of other sects and he also started dars e hadith at Khan Pur.
Initition of Jamia Masjid Noor e madina and Jamia Ghousia rizvia:
Selection as khatib:
In 2001 , January when Jamia masjiod Noor e madina came into being and he was selected as khatib.
Selection as principal:
 He took charge of Jamia Ghosia rizvia in September 2001 as principal. At that time there were only 25 students in hifz classes. Within one year Jamia was able to start four classes having more than 100 students and planning to intiate darse nizami was also completed. Now a days jamia is having variety of programmes for his students in both fields religious and modern education.
As sheikhul hadith:
heis not only serving as principal jamia but also is Sheikh ul hadith of Jmaia due to popularity of his dares hadith management of jamia decided to make this dares online to maximize the benefits.
As Mahafiz e namoos e risalat:
Namoos e risalat is the most sensitive issue for muslims and in these days its importance has raisen a lot. He has defended point of view of Ahl e sunnat in various debates on print media and electronic media and is well known for his dedicated services in the region.
As leader of meelad comitees:
At beginning of jamia in Islamabad there were only few places where mehfil e meelad was conducted but now a days with all his efforts about every house in the area holds mehfil e meelad and he leads various meelad processions by himself.
As founder of nizam ul masajid council:
He gathered the administrations and khutaba of masajids and founded nizamul masajid council that is serving effectively.
Founder of sharia board:
In 2011 he founded Islami shari board that is working for the Islamic solutions of different problems in society.the board conducts its meetings monthly that are presided by him.